Lars Appel's HPe3000 Page

(you can also reach me via, as I am no longer at the hp response center)

On this page you can find several pieces of software that I was able to port to MPE/iX, the "legacy" operating system of the HP 3000 line of computers. This is not your parent's HP 3000 any more! It has evolved over the last 25+ years and still remained extremely compatible to itself. How many other platforms do you know, that can run 10 or 20 year old programs, some even written for a CPU architecture that predates PA-RISC, in most cases without any changes or even recompiling? And all this side by side with Posix based client-server applications like Apache or Samba and modern object-oriented programming languages like Java? But better don't let me get on my "Cinderella" or "Sleeping Beauty" soapbox ;-)

Please notice that I ported the freeware available on this page to MPE/iX because I had some personal need to have it available on MPE/iX or sometimes also just for fun or out of curiousity. It worked fine for me but I did not perform extensive testing. I'm sharing it here in case you might also find it useful (and don't want to reinvent that wheel). Feel free to pick it up and use it, but be aware that you do this at your own risk and that this software is totally unsupported. Don't blame me (or anybody else) if something doesn't work as expected or even causes damage! Also have a look at the license files that come with each package (typically the GNU General Public License) to get an idea what you may or may not do with the software.

Open Source software ported to MPE/iX

GNU autoconf for MPE/iX
Can be helpful when porting other GNU packages to MPE/iX
GNU wget for MPE/iX
Retrieves single or multiple web documents/files (into local copies) via http or ftp
TIFF Library and Utils for MPE/iX
Helpful for processing TIFF graphics files (found at Silicon Graphics web site ;-)
NetPBM (pbmPLUS) for MPE/iX
Utilities for converting or manipulating various graphics file formats (tif, gif, xbm, ...)
Hashed "database" utility routines (used by ht://Dig for example)
OpenLDAP for MPE/iX
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol clients, servers, gateways, tools...
GNU texinfo for MPE/iX
Includes standalone GNU "info" file browser for terminals.
Apache JServ for MPE/iX
Apache/iX extended with mod_jserv and JServ servlet engine for integrating server side Java.
Mutt for MPE/iX
Terminal based eMail client with optional POP and IMAP capabilities.
Samba 2.0.7 and 2.0.10 for MPE/iX
Cleanroom port including swat (web config) and smbpasswd (encrypted passwords).
GNU gettext 0.10.35 for MPE/iX
Toolset for GNU localized/internationalized message catalogs.
GNU textutils 2.0 for MPE/iX
Shell utilities like cat, cksum, comm, csplit, cut, expand, ... uniq, wc
GNU grep 2.4.2 for MPE/iX
Shell utility to scan file(s) for strings or patterns
GNU findutils 4.1 for MPE/iX
Shell utilities like find and xargs (for recursive file/dir operations)
GNU sed 3.02 for MPE/iX
Stream EDitor (typically used for automated text processing)
GNU shellutils 2.0 for MPE/iX
Shell utilities like basename, dirname, expr, hostname, id, printf, uname, ...
PD ksh 5.2.14 for MPE/iX
Public Domain version of the Korn Shell
ht://Dig 3.1.5 for MPE/iX
Web indexing robot and keyword search engine
Qpopper 4.0.3 for MPE/iX
POP3 server for client access to sendmail inboxes
PGP 5.0i for MPE/iX
Pretty Good Privacy encryption software for personal use
IBM Jikes 1.15 for MPE/iX
Fast (native code) compiler from .java source to .class bytecode files
text2pdf 1.1 for MPE/iX
Simple utility (no Java, no Perl) to convert plain text files to PDF format
GNU enscript 1.6.1 for MPE/iX
Converts plain text files to Postscript or HTML with various formatting options
GNU ghostscript 7.05 for MPE/iX
Converts Postscript or PDF input files to various output formats, including PDF
GhostPCL 1.40 for MPE/iX
Converts PCL input files to various output formats, including PDF

Two older pieces of Open Source software ported to MPE/iX can be found at Chris Bartram's ftp site...

Samba for MPE/iX
Allows the HP 3000 participate in SMB based PC file/print sharing. (also see
ht://Dig for MPE/iX
Provides a (small scale) web search robot similar to Alta-Vista and alike.

Not really ported to MPE/iX, but written as Open Source for MPE/iX...

Remote VPLUS
Allows redirecting VPLUS calls to an(other) MPE/iX session across a socket connection

Tips and Tricks for Java and the HP 3000

Java Web Server
Not a port, just a session snippet how I did once setup the Sun product trial version on MPE/iX.
Jigsaw web server for MPE/iX
Not a port, just a session snippet how to setup the Java web server from on MPE/iX.
Java Tips and Examples
A small collection of Java demo programs, applets, as well as write-ups with tips & tricks or background info.
Socket Examples with C and COBOL
Not really Java, but gives an idea how other languages can access the network (and how nice is)
Jakarta Tomcat
Session snippets how to setup the Servlet/JSP engine from on MPE/iX.
Enhydra 2.2.1
Session snippets how to setup version 2 of the Java/XML server from on MPE/iX.
Enhydra 3.0.1
Session snippets how to setup version 3 of the Java/XML server from on MPE/iX.
Voyager 3.3
Session snippets showing how to setup Voyager ORB from on MPE/iX.
JacORB 1.1
Session snippets showing how to setup JacORB from on MPE/iX
How to get started
Shows a few examples how to compile and run Java programs, applets and servlets on Windows or MPE/iX
HP 3000 Web Starter Kit 2
Online version of the planned CD with Apache, Java, JDBC, JServ and a collection of ready-to-run examples
iText Java PDF library
Session snippets showing how Java and iText.jar can create PDF from plain text or spoolfiles on MPE/iX

Links to other helpful info (re)sources

More on Open Source Software
Special 1998 issue of WebReview magazine with great info on history, concepts, and examples of Open Source
More Freeware for MPE/iX
Chris Bartram's nice collection of download links on his web site (look for "Public Domain Software")
Simple CGI Example in COBOL/iX
A small example for a CGI program written in COBOL that does not need an intermediate CGI shell script
Server side Java with Apache/iX
A small paper discussing Java Servlets with MPE/iX examples; one of them resembles above CGI in COBOL
Tips for HP3000-L access (also in German)
HP3000-L or comp.sys.hp.mpe is an active internet discussion forum around HP 3000 topics. Also see the FAQ.
HP3000-L access via Google
Includes browse and archive search via the "gatewayed" comp.sys.hp.mpe newsgroup
Pretty Good Porting for MPE/iX (~100 KB)
A detailed paper discussing my typical freeware porting approach on a real example. (also in MS Word ~250 KB).
HP 3000 related URL tips (also in German)
It sometimes seems that is not the best starting point when surfing for HP 3000 related info ;-)
My home page on Invent3K (also see CSY Public Access Developer System info on Jazz)
The place that you'd want to visit for a potential future for MPE/iX beyond HP's end-of-support
Lars Appel, July 1998 .. October 2004 (do_not_spam_lappel@freenet.de_please)

(with special thanks to the generous Michael Gueterman for donating this floorspace :)