GNU gdbm for MPE/iX

Having revisited my old GNU gdbm port after quite some time, there are now two new versions of it... The first one is still based on the original GNU gdbm 1.7.3 sources, but unlike the initial MPE/iX port, it no longer uses/depends on the libbsd.a library from Jazz (which is only available in compiled form, not with source code). The second version is based on the GNU gdbm 1.8.0 sources (and also stays away from libbsd.a and its associated include files). Both new versions have also been enhanced to build archive as well as shared library versions (RL and XL in MPE terms).

I'm still providing the older port of GNU gdbm 1.7.3 below, but you should probably prefer the new 1.7.3 or 1.8.0 versions. Notice that I am now using a packaging that provides the MPE diffs as well as the stuff added for the MPE/iX build. The diffs are applied to the original sources with /usr/local/bin/patch and increase the chance to roll forward to potential new versions of the GNU gdbm software, when such is released in the future. The diff format also gives a nice idea about the changes that were needed for MPE/iX. They also make the download size for the MPE specific stuff very compact; however, you do have to also download the original sources, so the overall size should remain similar.

Please visit or one of its mirror sites for downloading the original source code that the above ports apply to. After unpacking the tar archives with something similar to "gzip -dc myfile.tar.gz | tar xvzopf -" or "tar xvzopf myfile.taz" you can find a small ReadMe file in the ./mpe subdirectory. It gives a few more details regarding the build procedure

Feedback or contributions are always welcome. Have fun (and let me know, if you need precompiled binaries here).

Lars Appel, September 2000