ht://Dig 3.1.5 for MPE/iX

ht://Dig is a freeware package for indexing and search web sites similar to what well-known services like Lycos, Altavista or Google provide. However, it is not meant to compete with those search engines, but provide similar web search features for an intranet, for example.

This version of ht://Dig for MPE/iX is a successor to my initial port, which still can be found at the ftp site. Besides being based on a more recent version of the original ht://Dig freeware sources, it no longer uses the libbsd library from Jazz, and is thus available with full source code now.

To build ht://Dig on MPE/iX, I have used the GNU gcc compiler package.

To build ht://Dig on MPE/iX, you need the following files:

To just use precompiled binaries, you can use the following:

Have fun with ht://Dig for MPE/iX, but keep in mind: use at your own risk

Lars Appel, October 2001

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