GhostPCL for MPE/iX

GhostPCL is a program that reads PCL input files and converts them to a variety of output formats, including PDF or JPEG, for example. Combined with my little FakeLP java program, you might even use it to capture MPE/iX network spooler output and generate PDF or JPEG from an MPE/iX spoolfile.

To build GhostPCL on MPE/iX, I have used the GNU gcc compiler package as well as a few selected (object) files from the Posix Porting Wrappers on Jazz. The files that have been compiled with HP C/iX (c89) for convenience (calling MPE intrinsics is a little easier in HP C/iX than in GNU gcc) are supplied as .o files, in case you don't have c89 on your system.

My binaries were built on MPE/iX 7.5 using GNU gcc 3.3.1

To build GhostPCL 1.40/iX.1 on MPE/iX, you need the following files:

To just use precompiled binaries, you can use the following:

Have fun with GhostPCL for MPE/iX, but keep in mind: use at your own risk

Lars Appel, March 2004

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