text2pdf 1.1 for MPE/iX

The text2pdf program is a small and fairly easy to use utility for reading a plain text input file and generating PDF output based on it. It has been written by Phil Smith and compiles on MPE/iX out of the box. I'm sharing the MPE/iX binary for convenience.

The MPE binary was built on 6.0 PowerPatch 2 using GNU gcc 3.0.4

The download below contains sources as well as compiled MPE program:

Here is a small session snippet showing unpacking and a usage example:

  :# assume we did a binary download to /tmp/text2pdf-11.tar.Z

  :chdir /tmp
  :xeq /bin/tar "xvzopf /tmp/text2pdf-11.tar.Z"
  :chdir ./text2pdf
  :listfile ./@ ,2

  PATH= /tmp/text2pdf/

  CODE  ------------LOGICAL RECORD-----------  ----SPACE----  FILENAME
          SIZE  TYP        EOF      LIMIT R/B  SECTORS #X MX

            1B  BA        1576 2147483647   1       16  1  *  Makefile
            1B  BA        2300 2147483647   1       16  1  *  help.pdf
  NMPRG   128W  FB         674        674   1      688  3  *  text2pdf
            1B  BA        1802 2147483647   1       16  1  *  text2pdf.1
            1B  BA       13871 2147483647   1       64  1  *  text2pdf.c
            1B  BA        4288 2147483647   1       32  1  *  text2pdf.html

  :xeq ./text2pdf -h

  text2pdf [options] [filename]

    text2pdf makes a 7-bit clean PDF file (version 1.1) from any input file.
    It reads from standard input or a named file, and writes the PDF file
    to standard output.

    There are various options as follows:

    -h            show this message
    -f<font>      use PostScript <font> (must be in standard 14, default: Courier)

    -I            use ISOLatin1Encoding
    -s<size>      use font at given pointsize (default 10)
    -v<dist>      use given line spacing (default 12 points)
    -l<lines>     lines per page (default 60, determined automatically
                  if unspecified)
    -c<chars>     maximum characters per line (default 80)
    -t<spaces>    spaces per tab character (default 8)
    -F            ignore formfeed characters (^L)
    -A4           use A4 paper (default Letter)
    -A3           use A3 paper (default Letter)
    -x<width>     independent paper width in points
    -y<height>    independent paper height in points
    -2            format in 2 columns
    -L            landscape mode

    Note that where one variable is implied by two options, the second option
    takes precedence for that variable. (e.g. -A4 -y500)
    In landscape mode, page width and height are simply swapped over before
    formatting, no matter how or when they were defined.

  text2pdf v1.1 (c) Phil Smith, 1996

  :file in=hpswinfo.pub.sys,old
  :file out=/tmp/demo.pdf;rec=,,b;disc=123456789;save
  :xeq ./text2pdf "-A4 -L" < *in > *out
  :reset in
  :reset out

  :# use Adobe Acrobat reader to view the /tmp/demo.pdf output file

If you prefer using Shell commands...

  :xeq /bin/sh -L
  Shell/iX> cd /tmp/text2pdf
  Shell/iX> ./text2pdf -A4 -L /SYS/PUB/HPSWINFO > /tmp/demo.pdf
  Shell/iX> exit

Have fun with text2pdf for MPE/iX, but keep in mind: use at your own risk

Lars Appel, September 2002

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