GNU autoconf for MPE/iX

The GNU m4 and GNU autoconf packages provide tools for (re)creating configure scripts from templates. These tools are helpful for porting software, as the configure script performs various feature tests on the target platform and generates Makefile(s) based on the results. This typically saves the programmer from manually adjusting the Makefile(s) when porting a software package to a new platform. See "Pretty Good Porting for MPE/iX" for additional information on this topic.

This version of GNU autoconf for MPE/iX provides source code and binaries in a handy package. In the past, I typically used the older 2.12 version, which is still available, including documentation coverted to HTML format with texi2html. More recent versions of the GNUCORE package on Jazz also include Mark Klein's version of the autoconf program for MPE/iX.

This is the GNU autoconf version that I started with:

Here are the MPE specific additions/adjustments:

Here you can see how to run your own build with above components:

And here are binaries and docs in case you do not want to perform the build yourself:

Notice that this ac-bin tar archive does not contain all the material from the original packages above.

Lars Appel, July 1999