Easy Does It Technologies LLC


For More Information

Drop us some email at: info@editcorp.com
or give us a call at (573) 202-8596

Our mailing address is:
Easy Does It Technologies LLC
PO Box 784
Rolla, MO. 65402

Our Mission

To assist other businesses to grow and thrive.

Our Goals

To grow Easy Does It Technologies LLC into a sought after and profitable partner for many other businesses.

Our Strategy

Providing high quality software and responsive services to our partners.

Our Tactics


1996 - Easy Does It Technologies LLC was formed in Richland, Washington
1999 - EDIT reformed into a partnership
1999 - Relocated to Rolla, Missouri
2004 - Merged and became a division of Integrated Information Systems Inc. (I2S) of Kentucky.
2012 - EDIT spun off from I2S and became an independent Missouri LLC once again.
2016 - EDIT officially takes over the development and support of I2S's cloud-based IMI application.
2020 - EDIT acquires an unrestricted license for I2S's cloud-based IMI application.
2021 - An early version of ReMRP (ReManufacturing Resource Planning) is created from a fork from IMI.