Samba 2.0.10 for MPE/iX

This is a cleanroom implementation of Samba 2.0.10 for MPE/iX. Please do not confuse this with any HP version that might currently be available or in progress. This one here is not HP supported, use it at your own risk. It should work on MPE/iX 6.0 or later.

This 2.0.10 version is based on my 2.0.7 diffs, which rolled into the 2.0.10 sources from Australia without any manual intervention. However, I have added a chdir(SWATDIR) to web/cgi.c to address a swat problem that has been reported on HP3000-L recently. The main reason for building the 2.0.10 version for MPE/iX, though, is the security warning that was sent by the Samba folks in Australia just yesterday (i.e. 23-jun-2001).

To build Samba on MPE/iX, I have used the GNU gcc compiler package as well as a few selected (object) files from the Posix Porting Wrappers on Jazz. The files that have been compiled with HP C/iX (c89) for convenience (calling MPE intrinsics is a little easier in HP C/iX than in GNU gcc) are supplied as .o files, in case you don't have c89 on your system.

To build Samba 2.0.10/iX.1 on MPE/iX, you need the following files:

To just use precompiled binaries, you can use the following:

Have fun with Samba for MPE/iX, but keep in mind: use at your own risk

Lars Appel, June 2001

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